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Name: Hoshigaki Kisame

Canon: Naruto

Age: 30-33 depending on the canon point

Hometown: Mist Village

Disposition: Sanguine hiding his melancholic nature. Also kind of a mean spirited dick.

Occupation: Ninja, aka murderer for hire, but stylish about it.

Diet: Pescetarian (with the exception of cartilaginous fish). Those teeth aren't just for show.

How to contact mun: [ profile] madreforgiveme

Should you contact: Yes please

Since there's a lot of holes in his background in canon, I'm writing him with a handful of headcanon in mind.

- He was born looking like a shark, a trait he inherited from his mother.

- His mother died shortly after he was born, and he was raised by a non-ninja fisherman father. His childhood wasn't too bad.

- He was drafted as a child soldier during the Third Shinobi World War.

- He did indeed eat human flesh during the period of time.

- He has a sixth sense based on that of real life sharks: electroreception, through his Ampullae of Lorenzini. He is capable of sensing the electrical fields produced by muscle contractions, including heartbeats, as well as electrical devices and, at times, the earth's magnetic field. Yowza. As a side effect to that, very large amounts of electrical energy tends to give him a piercing headache.

- He reacts to the smell and taste of blood but it's rare that it has any effect on him other than an increase in heart rate. The more stressed he is, the more likely it could drive him into a frenzy.

- He isn't affected by being upside down, but touches to his face, especially around the nose, can be enough to put him in a state of tonic immobility. Yes, that's a thing.

- He thinks sharks are adorable. Wait, no, that's canon.
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